Bonehead Games is a small independent game developing company located in London, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2018 by Robert Broad with the goal to make great games, that are engaging and fun to play without overpaying.


Bonehead games has three branches. The first is video games for the general public to play. The second branch is Table Top RPG’s in the Dungeons and Dragon series. The third and newest branch is Gamification, where we make games to help businesses with marketing and customer loyalty rewards. 


Our Video Games division is also divided into sections. The first is games for public consumption. The second which is assets for game developers. We are very excited about the idea of offering assets for 3D games.  These assets will not be the standard art assets but motion packages created through Motion Capture.  The motion packages will be combat oriented with open hand fighting skills, as well as many weapons packages with weapons like: Katana, Chinese Broadsword, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Staff, Chinese Hook Swords, Spear, and a few other ones. GAME Developers keep your eyes out for what is coming soon.

We will be offering Casual Games and Large scale RPG's 

We will also be expanding into Virtual Reality quite soon if you are an old school Table Top RPG player we are quite sure you will like what is coming.