Tips For Painting Your Miniatures

  • Prime with White or Gray. 
  • Mount your Miniatures
  • Use the right brush for the job
  • Do not dilute paint with water
  • Bases are important
  • Take care of your brushes
  • Borrow good techniques from others
  • Buy good brushes
  • Be consistent with your paint

Prime With Grey Or White:  A lite primer makes it easier for painting with lighter colours.  A black primer will require many coats for that white to truly pop later on.  Priming is important for two important reasons, the first it allows you to see details which will aid you in making sure you don’t miss any details when painting, and more importantly it allows the paint to adhere better to your miniature.


Mount Your Miniatures:   To make sure you don’t accidentally touch your miniature and smudge your wet paint, mount them to something.  I like to use mac tac and mount them to an old used prescription bottle.  I turn the bottle upside down and use the cap as a wider base, a cork or a wooden block will also work quite easily.

Use The Right Brush For The Job:  Know what brushes to use, different shaped brushes are used for different things.  You don’t need to use the largest brush in your collection to paint a sword scabbard on a 28MM miniature, just like you wouldn’t use the tiniest brush in your arsenal to paint the wings on an Ancient Dragon miniature.


Do Not Dilute Your Paint With Water:  Water is bad for your paint, and will create inconsistencies in your paint which an easily ruin a great job up to that point.


Bases Are Important:  The bases that come with your miniatures are important even if you stand ups up on its own.  A good looking base can accent you miniature and make it look even better that the amazing way it looks already.  Take your time and make sure you mount the miniature on the base in the best position for stability and appearance.

Take Care of Your Brushes:  If you take care of your brushes they will last you a long time and help you produce great-looking miniatures.  Clean them, dry them and put them away in a safe place and your brushes will last.


Borrow Good Techniques From Others: Borrow or steal good techniques from better painters.  There is no end to great YouTube tutorial out there, find someone that has a style you like and learn from their expertise.

Buy Good Brushes:  Quality brushes help deliver a better quality product.  Skimping on your brushes is just as bad as buying poor quality paints.


Be Consistent With Your Paint:  Don’t mix different brand or type of paint.  Some paints might not cover another brands paint as well, and speaking of paint this is not where you want to cheap out either.


Hope these tips help you with painting your miniatures., pub-1776883466402968, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0