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How Gamification Can Help Your Business


  • Teaching New Skills
  • Training Employees
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards


Gamification is the process of using video games or elements of videos to enhance  your business.  Whether it be used for teaching purposes to teach new skills, training purposes to run simulations to enhance productivity, or as a marketing techniques; chances are gamification is good for your business.


Have you ever noticed a person can memorize patterns and verbiage from games in extremely short times?  What if you could harness that when you are teaching employees new skills?  It is easier than you think, children learn spelling in schools through word searches and people still do them as adults.  Why?  We tend to learn faster through play because we are engaging several parts of the brain at the same time.  A lot of large companies use games to teach new skills and you can do it too.


How many times as an employer or trainer in a company and said we are going to role play a task and heard a groan and seen half the eyes in the room roll.  Why is that?  Role play is artificial the person you are interacting with is either way too into it and that can make for a misleading training experience.  Or they are so opposed to role play that they shut down and make for a horrible training experience.  Worse still is the person who doesn’t want to be there doing this exercise and decide to sabotage the experience and intentional derail the training experience.  Gamification can take these problems out of the equation, the trainee, sits at a computer and goes through the simulator, think of it we train commercial pilots this way and entrust them with the lives of hundreds of people every flight.  So why not capitalize on this proven method.


As a marketing tool Gamification can be an amazing tool for your business.  Imagine your customer comes in to make a purchase.  They pay for their purchase and then on the receipt is a QR Code that links them to the small games you had made for you game.  A casual game that has you logo on it, maybe some other ties to your business.  It’s cute.  It’s fun and it is just the kind of thing people play when standing in line at the bank, or a their child’s sports practice.  This small distraction keeps your brand firmly in their head, and if sometimes if you are lucky someone sees them playing your small casual game and inquires about it.  Now your loyal customer is spreading the word for you and that is far better for you than any expensive ad.


Bonehead Games can probably help you with getting your business to an entire new level, whether you are looking for teaching games, training games or a game to promote customer loyalty.