Tips for Healthy Video Game Play


Limit your playing time.

Have good posture

Avoid games that make you upset

Protect your eyes

Play with friends

Play games that sharpen your mind

Watch your money


Limit your Playing Time:  Prolonged playing can raise your stress levels, hurt your eyes and cause anxiety issues.  Have fun but play safe.

Have Good Posture:  It is so easy to get into odd positions when playing games.  A good gaming chair can greatly help you if you are playing PC games.

Avoid Games That Make You Upset:  Play games that are fun, avoid games that get you upset and cause you to rage.  There are hundreds of videos online of people destroying their screens, or controllers; when stressed take a break and come back at the game later.  Over-stressing from a game can affect your sleep, your appetite, and can bring out a nasty side to your demeanor, games are meant to be fun lets try to keep them that way.

Protect Your Eyes: You only have one pair of eyes, protect them when playing games.  If you wear glasses and play lots of games make sure you have Blue Shield added to your lenses.  If you play on PC or Console make sure you are at an appropriate distance from the screen.  If you play mobile games make sure your screen is to protect your eyes.

Play With Your Friends:  It is extremely easy to sequester yourself away and play games while ignoring friends and family.  Games can be a great social activity and are much more enjoyable with friends.

Play Games That Sharpen Your Mind:  Despite some politician’s claims, Video Games do not make you violent or rot your brain.  But when ever possible play a puzzle game to challenge your mind.  You will thank yourself when you become a Senior Citizen.

Watch Your Money:  It is so easy to spend a dollar here, two dollars there on Downloadable Content and extra turns.  Always play within your means.

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