Table Top RPG

Dungeons and Dragons is the World's most popular Table Top Role Playing Game. The founder of Bonehead Games Robert Broad has been playing since 1982. He has been creating games and Worlds since 1983 and has a deep passion for the game. 


Bonehead Games has several games in the works for different editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Currently we are building games for the BECMI series (Basic, Expert, Comanion, Master and Imortal), for AD&D 1st edition and for edition 5E


Games will be available here, on RPG Drive Thru and through the The Dungeons Master Guild


We have launched our miniatures printing service.  Here in Canada it is expensive to get custom miniatures, a premium mini on Hero Forge is $29.99 US, plus shipping and often there can also be duty on bringing the mini into the country.  So you can often expect to pay north fo $60.00 US.  Bonehead Games has a solution for you.  Design your mini on Hero Forge, pay the $7.99 for the STL file and email it to us.  We charge $20 Canadian to printing.  Shipping is usually less than $20.  That is a big savings for you.  It get an even bigger savings have the entire party order their mini's together because it costs the same to ship 10 -12 minis as it does one.  So the group can get the batch of minis in the same box saving on shipping costs.  Message us at  rob@bonehegames for more information.