Only a Bonehead wouldn't want to play our games....


We have all seen it, a great game with no marketing and it fails to make sufficient sales for the creators to continue in the industry. Or worse a poorly made game with tons of marketing and the creators make a lot of money and the creators continue to produce more bad games.


Marketing games is time-consuming, building your online presence takes time. When you are building your game, every hour spent working on other parts of your business delays the release of your game.  Let Bonehead Games help you with some of the tedium. Let us build your brand while you build your game.


We have several services that can help you and our prices are set up for small indie studios and solo developers:


Website for your Business and or Game *

Social Media for your Business and or Game:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Threads
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Steam page set up



We register your domain, pay for the hosting for the first year and then build your site using your color scheme, your logo and your artwork **


Social Media

We setup and maintain your social media accounts for your business and or game. We will make regularly scheduled posts to build up brand recognition, including the much-needed #ScreenShotSaturday and #WishlistWednesday for your games.


We set up Facebook and Instagram business pages and leverage them to help attract people to your work.  


We set up a YouTube channel so that videos of your work in progress can be shared.



Setting up a Steam page can be an arduous experience.  Every image has to be the correct size, the wording of each section has to be precise. Then promoting that page so you get people to wish-list your game is time-consuming.


Contact us about setting up your marketing plan today.  It is never too early to start promoting your game.


*Can maintain the site(s) for a fee

** If you do not have a logo or artwork we can help with that., pub-1776883466402968, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0