Custom 3D Printing

We have launched our miniatures printing service.  Here in Canada it is expensive to get custom miniatures, a premium mini on Hero Forge is $29.99 US, plus shipping and often there can also be duty on bringing the mini into the country.  So you can often expect to pay north fo $60.00 US.  Bonehead Games has a solution for you.  Design your mini on Hero Forge, pay the $7.99 for the STL file and email it to us.  We charge $20 Canadian for printing a full build plate (usually 4 mini plus bases).  Shipping is usually less than $20.  That is a big savings for you.  It can be an even bigger savings if have the entire party order their mini's together because it costs the same to ship 10 -12 minis as it does one.  So the group can get the batch of minis in the same box saving on shipping costs.  Message us at  rob@bonehegames for more information., pub-1776883466402968, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0